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Today’s Latina has a new face, and you need to keep that in mind when marketing to her. Who is she? 

From consumer to producer of her own ideas, her own mindset, her own relationship with brands, Latinas today trusts the Media, Bloggers, Brands and organizations that are reflecting her power, identity and influence. She is as multifaceted as the wide range of media she follows. 

But who are the ones reflecting her power the most these days? 

More and more, Nueva Latinas are relying on what we’re naming Underground Latina Media. What is it? Non-traditional forms of media – led by women – that are making an impact on Latinas. It’s spreading through social media, leading women’s organizations, and online communities focused on female empowerment. These rising stars are shining their light on Corporate America – and beyond.   

Here’s a snapshot of some of the initiatives and the women behind them. Get to know them; your brand depends on it! 

· New Latina: Angelica Perez launched New Latina to foster personal growth and career advancement among empowered Latinas. She believes that success for these bright multicultural women intertwines the personal with the

· Red Shoe Movement: Based on the notion that women can help other women become powerful, Mariela Dabbah launched her Red Shoe Movement and turned it into a book. The best-selling author exposes common pitfalls – from stereotyping to bad-mouthing – and offers constructive strategies such as mentorship and cultivating professional relationships. Through one-on-one interviews, she spotlights prominent Latinas such as media mogul Cristina Saralegui and actress Roselyn Sanchez.

· The Wise Latina Club: Founded by Viviana Hurtado, The Wise Latina Club is a space to educate Latinas about the political process and spark civic engagement and community involvement. She sums up what it means to be Latina today:  “… as multi-dimensional as any woman–we are passionate about our children, the men we love, the care our viejitos are receiving in their golden years, our careers, our food filled with sabor, and our high-heeled style.” Here, here!

In embracing these new outlets, don’t overlook traditional media outlets, as well as other female Latina influencers. Among them, financial guru Julie Stav and her finance show on Utilisima, the #1 female-focused network in Latin America (now in the U.S through Mundo Fox). Also, Francesca Soto, host of Living Latina Radio, who explores a wide range of stories from a Latina perspective. 

A final note … if your brand is after the fastest growing Hispanic population – Latinas – it’s important to build content that is appealing, inspiring and compelling enough to secure ‘press coverage’ from both traditional media and the New Underground Latina Media. 

What is your brand doing to reach the New Latina?